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Repair service

Unique: The ROOR repair service

We deliberately do not sell a short-lived disposable product, but rather individual, unique items that should accompany their owner throughout his or her life. Since our products are handmade by professional glassblowers, we also have the necessary know-how to carry out repairs professionally and sustainably.

If you bring your defective pipe directly to us in Frankenthal and pick it up again, we will, by the way, be happy to provide you with a replacement for the time of the repair on request against a deposit.

Unfortunately not all pipes can be repaired!

Repair costs

The costs of a repair depend of course on the damage and the condition of the glass product (wall thickness, cut size etc). We will also gladly send you a non-binding price quotation. For this purpose, simply write a note on the completed and in block letters Repair order do! Without a note, the device will be repaired and then sent back to you cash on delivery.

Preparations for repair

  1. The glass object to be repaired must be absolutely clean(no adhesive residues or other deposits!), otherwise 50€ cleaning costs.
  2. In addition, make sure that the goods are packed extremely carefully so that no further damage can occur during shipping. Please do not use textiles for packing. Our tip: plenty (!) of bubble wrap and additional paper/cardboard to stabilize the delivery in the box.
  3. Absolutely the Repair order enclose the completed form in block letters (including e-mail address + telephone number). - If desired, with a note for a non-binding cost estimate.

Send the packet to the following address:

Vorsicht Glas GmbH
Am Rosengarten 3
67227 Frankenthal

Tel: 06233 – 600 700

Important! Due to customs relevant circumstances we cannot offer repairs in the USA, Canada, Australia, CH, NOR!