A first-class smoking experience for our customers is particularly important to us. Therefore, from April 2018, we will use an authentication seal to verify the authenticity of your Roor glass bong.

For more than 20 years Roor has been producing high quality and artistic glass bongs in Frankenthal, Palatinate. Many innovations, like the anti-roll system, ice notches or the diffusor originate from our manufactory. Due to the international success of Roor, unfortunately, some product counterfeiters became aware of it. But since only an original Roor promises a premium smoking experience, we now secure all original Roor glass bongs with a seal of authenticity.

The seal consists of a unique, tamper-proof bubble tag to which an alphanumeric ID belongs. This system is one of the measures Roor has introduced to combat counterfeiting and provides the best possible protection for our customers.

Every pipe that leaves our factory is provided with a black plastic seal. On each seal there is a bubble tag. The bubble tag is a non-replicable, 3-dimensional bubble field. This unique structure is created during the production process and cannot be reproduced. It is like a fingerprint for every product. This system is already used to protect high-quality wines worldwide.

To verify a pipe from ROOR, each customer can either scan the QR Code next to the bubble tag, or enter the ID on the seal at https://roor.de/authenticate/ The image of the corresponding bubble tag is then loaded, which can be compared to the structure on the product's seal. It is sufficient to compare certain areas with each other. Checking the authenticity of a ROOR smoking device is easier than finding the Big Dipper in the starry sky.

We wish all our customers a first-class smoking experience.

(With the bubble tag we guarantee our customers a happy bubble).