Which pipe suits you? Let's be honest: we don't make it easy for our customers: wall thickness, shape, colour, specials, accessories ... endless possibilities are offered to find exactly the combination that fits.

Pfeifen im Vergleich

A little orientation can't hurt. We always recommend the walk to the nearest local head shop. Above all, we train our Authorized Dealers and provide them with detailed information about our product lines to guarantee all-round advice.

No shop near you? You can comfortably shop online in ROOR Store order. If you have any questions: Our service team will be happy to advise you on 06233 600700 and will respond to your individual wishes. Of course you are also welcome to meet us personally in our shop in Frankenthal.

In order to make the preselection easier for you, you can compare the volume of the pipes at a glance in the following table.

Important: The data refer to the respective volume when empty. Depending on the water level, the actual volume varies accordingly.

NameHeightItem numberVolume (ml)Type
pocket friend17120-14P90 easy
Inside mini20120-10I100
4.0 Snapper40540-SN-18240 gentle
Inside Stand21120-14I260
4.0 Tiny Sista35430-TS-18300
3.2 - Red35335400
5.0 - Black35535420
7.0 - Green35735450
Blue.500370500-14500 ambitious
Icemaster 5.045545- E500
3.2 - Red45345500
Icemaster 3.245345-E500
Icemaster 7.045745- E520
5.0 - Black45545520
7.0 - Green45745550
5.0 - Black55555620
7.0 - Green55755650
Black & White 3.540340700 trained
Black & White Ice 3.540340-E700
Fairmaster 5.0 Ice55555-F18E800
Little Sista 3.235335-L920
Little Sista Ice 3.235335-LE920
Little Sista 7.035735-L950
Little Sista Green Ice 7.035735-LE950
Blue.1000461000-181000 sporty
Little Sista 5.035535-L1000
Little Sista 7.045745-L1100
Little Sista Green Ice 7.045745-LE1100
Little Sista 3.245345-L1100
Little Sista Ice 3.245345-LE1100
Little Sista 5.045545-L1200
Dealers Cup 7.055755-D181250
Dealers Cup 5.055555-D181300 extreme
Zumo 4.2 - 18.8 grinding50450-181400
Zumo 4.2 - 29.2 grinding50450-291400
Zumo Ice 4.250450-E1400