A very special collab lies behind us. From mid-September to the beginning of October 2015, three of the world's best glassblowers were our guests at the ROOR headquarters in Frankenthal: Korey CotnamNish Jajal and Patrick Stratis.

Together with Martin Birzle, the founder of ROOR, as well as three other ROOR glassblowers (Marc, Sophia and Nils), extraordinary pieces were created with the Canadians during these two weeks, in which the skill and creativity of all participants were incorporated. For example the "Flying Goddess" and "Fire Flying" shown in the picture above, both a homage to the design classic "Flying" created 25 years ago (available here in our Online-Shop) by Martin Birzle. Martin was thrilled to see how the next generation of glassblowers is giving his model a new, contemporary touch and subjecting it to their individual aesthetics. In short: An incredibly inspiring time for all of us.

In the following we would like to give you a look behind the scenes and proudly present the results of our work in Frankenthal.

This unique collab found its worthy conclusion on the Cultiva in Vienna.