Nothing off the peg! The four extraordinary models of the RAY GUN series are produced exclusively on request.

The cooperation with Bernd Weinmayer shows in the HTCC-awarded projects such as the RAY HAMMER, the RAY MACHINE and the RAY PACK that glass offers almost unlimited possibilities to give free rein to a creative spirit.

However, we concede one disadvantage to the three works of art: they are not really for sale. As individual pieces they were given to collectors immediately after presentation - at a price that corresponds to the extremely high production costs.

In order to be able to offer ROOR fans exclusive pieces that are nevertheless affordable, Bernd Weinmayer and ROOR have decided to expand the series to include the RAY GUNS: Four high-quality models in an extraordinary design - inspired by their great role models - are available to choose from and are produced exclusively on request.

Depending on the production cycle, the delivery time can take up to several months (!)! So if you are looking for a birthday or Christmas present, you should contact our service department in good time. In rare cases we also have exhibits in stock - it is worth asking!

The length of the RAY GUN #3 is - measured diagonally from the barrel (mouthpiece) to the end of the grip - approx. 33 cm, the diameter at the thickest part of the body approx. 9.5 cm. If you have further questions about size and specifications of the individual models, please contact our service department under 06233 600700. Of course every RAY GUN is delivered with a matching case.