Almost 25 years ago I opened my studio under the name "Vorsicht Glas Neon & Glasunikate Martin Birzle" in the Rosengarten 3 in Frankenthal. At that time I received mail from the Lord Mayor, who congratulated me on highly official paper with watermark and embossing and wished me all the things I hoped for myself.

I ask myself: Do studios and shops, which often open quickly and close even more quickly, actually get such a welcome letter these days? I do not know. Fortunately, I and my studio are still in the Rose Garden - ROOR's home as well. This is where our salesroom awaits customers, even with limited exhibition pieces. In the workshop, standard pipes and custom-made pipes are handmade. In the warehouse shelves are filled with products, so that they can be shipped all over the world. Here a team is working hard for ROOR, which has somehow become a family. This is where I live. This is my home.

I can't remember exactly what I wished and hoped for 25 years ago. But today I am thankful that I am still doing my dream job and that with ROOR I have created a brand that stands for quality, craftsmanship and smoking culture. The numerous positive feedbacks, which nowadays reach me more by e-mail than on official paper with embossed printing, motivate me to continue on this path with my team and my customers.


Martin Birzle, Managing Director of ROOR, in February 2014