The great thing about competitions like the one on the High Times Cannabis Cup is that you look beyond the end of your nose. You try to think outside the box, looking for new inspirations that go far beyond the demands of everyday business. One concludes: What can I do, what do I want, what is feasible? One remembers old friends and colleagues, makes phone calls, meets and decides to go through with it as a team. And then the work begins. For nights, days, weeks.

Together with Bernd Weinmayer, ROOR presented the RAY PACK at the 26th HTCC 2013 in Amsterdam - and with it took third place in the category "Best Glass".

The functional designer pipe was conceived as a portable backpack system with double cylinder diffuser. The water tank with a capacity of 1.5 litres can be dismantled without tools. The exoskeleton contains neon plasma and is effectively staged by an external energy source. Those who have followed the past HTCC know: The RAY PACK is a consistent continuation of RAY MACHINE (1st place, 2011) and RAY HAMMER (1st place, 2012).