Legal 2024


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To celebrate 'legalization' in Germany on 01 April 2024
our glassblowers have created the special model 'LEGAL 2024'
This beautiful straight with ice notches is 40 cm high and refined
with 'GRAS'-green mouthpiece, ice notches and head rim.
Matching the occasion and color-coordinated with our RETRO logo.
A dichro-marble with the ROOR logo was added as the perfect finishing touch.
added in STAR style.
Each of these Customs is engraved on the bottom to
to remember this milestone in history.

Basic model: ROOR 3.5 BLACK&WHITE ICE - 340-18E
Height: 40 cm
Diameter: 54 mm
Wall thickness: 3.5 mm
Cut size: 18.8
Volume: 700 ml
Type: trained

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