A historic ROOR collab, this time with ... ROOR! In September 2016 Jay and Edgar from the ROOR Team USA were guests at the ROOR Headquarters in Frankenthal.

If you have already compared the pieces from overseas with pipes made in Germany, you will quickly notice many differences: different glassblowing techniques are used. The products also unmistakably reflect the respective smoking culture of the country of origin. What both product lines have in common, however, is their high standards of design and quality.

Global Smoking Culture

Trends do not stop at national borders: In Europe there is interest in the pipes from America, just as "original" ROORs from Germany are in great demand in the USA. But: Import and export are rather ... difficult due to customs regulations.

Best of both worlds

So what could be more obvious than uniting both worlds? Exchanging experiences, passing on tips and tricks for working with glass, learning new techniques from each other, optimizing work steps - ROOR-Collabs have always offered room for innovation and ensure the highest precision and quality - worldwide! Equipped with the necessary know-how, the ROOR Team USA will soon be able to offer "German" ROOR pipes in the States.

Live @ Cultiva 2016

In the following picture gallery you have the possibility to take a look behind the scenes of the Collab. We have produced a total of eight unbelievable unique pieces, which you can watch live at the Cultiva 2016 in Vienna admire - and also acquire! - can. From there we will also deliver pictures of the finished pieces ... so subscribe to Facebook and Instagramso as not to miss a picture.

For those who do not have the opportunity to come to the Cultiva: We plan to offer one or the other piece for sale exclusively here on ROOR.de after the fair. Let us surprise you! Stay tuned!