Dichro Schmuckanhänger

ROOR-Schmuck in einzigartigem Dichro-Glas - jetzt mit verschiedenen Motiven.

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Cultiva Glassblowing Show by ROOR

We were able to present you something very special at this years Cultiva: we organized a live glass blowing collab with Daisuke Saito, Yoshinori Kondo and Eusheen Goines!

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UV-Active Pendants

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Tiny Cousin & Straight Tubes

A Collab with Nish, Jared and John

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Bryan Ratcliffe X ROOR Collab

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VOLCANO, Mighty & Crafty

VOLCANO: The pioneer, ever since. Mighty: Great perfomance, pocked sized. Crafty: Your new best friend.

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For a Slim Line

The New ROOR-Tips SlimLine. 12.5% slimmer. 100% Pure Smoke Kulture.

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Smells like… nothing

Check out the new odor-absorbing bags by abscent design!

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Collab with THTC

eco friendly, fair, sustainable

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Your Style. Your ROOR.

Brand new Logos - Customize it.

A Tribute to Howard

The new Collector's Line. Limited to 333 pieces.

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Laden in Frankenthal am 29.12.2017 geschlossen

Liebe Kunden, am 29.12.2017 ist unser Laden in Frankenthal wegen Inventur geschlossen. Danke für euer Verständnis! Euer ROOR-Team Frankenthal

Cultiva Glassblowing Show by ROOR

Auf der Cultiva in Wien konnten wir euch dieses Jahr ein besonderes Highlight bieten: Wir hatten Daisuke Saito, Yoshinori Kondo und Eusheen Goines zur Collab bei der Glassblowing Show!

Tiny Cousin & Straight Tubes: a Collab with Nish, Jared and John

ROOR is proud to present the „Tiny Cousin“. A 15 piece limited edition series in collaboration with canadian glass artists @nishglass, @jt_glass, @jonkglass and @mahglass.