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Are you ready for SiO2?

The ultimate material for use with concentrates: Quartz glass! Made from the purest silicon dioxide (SiO2) existing quartz nails are characterised by an incredibly high thermal shock resistance, which is indispensable in this area of application. From room temperature to red-hot in a few seconds: The material easily withstands these extreme requirements.

Products made of pure quartz glass require special burners in the manufacturing process and require qualified production techniques in handling the more cost-intensive raw material compared to borosilicate glass. They are therefore considerably more complex to manufacture, but are distinguished as particularly noble and high-quality accessories.


Here in the version Standard: In the middle of the nail there is a glass bulb, through whose upper opening the smoke is sucked in. Classic!


  • Cutting edge: The ground joint core ( = male= SOLD OUT in 10 & 14,5 ) fits in the respective ground joint size on all pipes resp. parts with ground joint sleeve.
  • Ground joint sleeve: The ground socket ( = female ) fits in the respective ground size on all pipes or parts with a ground core.

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Sleeve, Core

Ground joint size

10.0, 14.5, 18.8

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