The Collab 09/2015 with Korey CotnamNish JajalPatrick Stratis and ROOR found its crowning conclusion at the Cultiva 2015 in Vienna.

The cooperation between the team of the Cultivawho The Arnold Groupwhich provided the burners, and ROOR made possible a live glass-blowing event that was unprecedented in Europe. What otherwise often remains hidden behind closed doors as the "trade secret" of a glassblower, came to light here. Thanks to this transparency, the sharing of years of experience in the artisan craft, visitors to the fair were able for the first time to experience live how a worldwide unique creation was created: the RAINBOW MACHINE ELF.

Colour change in UV light. Moving parts. 100 % precision. The fact that even we still get goose bumps after all these years and numerous collabs with a finished piece speaks for itself.

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