Dear customers,

due to operational conversion measures, we will not be able to carry out or accept any repairs or conversions of owned pipes or small parts between 08.07.2020 and 15.08.2020. Please do not send anything during this period!

Thank you, the ROOR-Team

Repair Rules  & Costs

The costs of a repair obviously depend on the damage and the properties of the pipe (wall thickness, joint size, etc.). Gladly we shall provide a free cost estimate. For this purpose, just indicate this on the repair form which should be completed in legible block letters + send the clean pipe! Without any such remark, the pipe will  not be repaired . We only offer the payment method prepayment by bank.


Unfortunately NOT all pipes are able to repair.

Repair Preparation Tasks

  1. The repair item must be absolutely clean (no glue remnants or other residues)
  2. If not  à cleaning costs of 50€ by prepayment!
  3. Please take a great deal of care in the quality of packing so that no further damage can incur during shipment. Please do not use any textiles for packing. Tip: lots (!) of bubble wrap and additionally paper/cardboard to secure the shipment in the cardboard box.
  4. Completely compile the repair form in legible block letters (incl. email address, physical address, phone number). If applicable, mention your request for a free cost estimate.

Send the parcel to the following address:

Vorsicht Glas GmbH
Am Rosengarten 3
67227 Frankenthal, Germany

Phone +49 ( 0 ) 6233 – 600 700 , ( Mo – Fr 10 – 18 )

Attention: Due to customs related circumstances, we
unfortunately CAN NOT receive / deliver  – used pipes or repairs or customer owned pipes
to the USA, Canada, AUS , CH , NOR !