Rainbow Machine Elf

rainbow machine elf

The Collab 09/2015 with Korey Cotnam, Nish Jajal, Patrick Stratis and ROOR culminated in a brilliant live glass blowing event at the Cultiva 2015 in Vienna.

The cooperation between the Cultiva Team, the Arnold Group, which provided the glass lamps, and ROOR, enabled a live glass blowing event never seen before in this scope and quality in Europe. What usually happens behind closed doors and is kept hidden as a glassblower’s trade secret, was here brought to light.

Thanks to this transparency, the common sharing of years of experience in the craft, fair visitors could for the first time benefit from a live experience and actually see with their own eyes how a globally unique work of art came to life: the RAINBOW MACHINE ELF.

Color changes in UV light. Moving parts. 100 % precision. It speaks for itself, that even we, after all these years and many collabs, still go all goose-pimply …

Making of

Video: Live Glassblowing Event @ Cultiva 2015

Video: Rainbow Machine Elf @ Bushdoctor/Vienna