Cultiva 2016: ROOR Glassblowing Show


Watch ROOR make history live from October 7.-9. at Cultiva 2016. The amazing artists Adam Whobrey (aka Hoobs), Matt Robertson and Nathan Purcell (aka JAG) come together to form the new ROOR-Collab: with their combined expertise they will forge an incredibly complex and impressive artifact at the austrian cannabis convention Cultiva. Be there when ROOR demonstrates what is possible when you combine decades of training, limitless creativity and perfect teamwork – live.

Like last year – when ROOR collaborated with the amazing artists to create the RAINBOW MACHINE ELF – ROOR gets supported by the Arnold Group, which provides three legendary herbies.

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ROOR proudly presents: The Cultiva-Collab 2016 Team

Hoobs Portrait

Adam Whobrey aka Hoobs

Hoobs (Adam Whobrey) is an independently taught glass artist who has been working in the medium since 2002. Born and raised in Southern California. Hoobs now resides in Huntington Beach where he is the part owner of GooseFire Center, an unique mesh of glass gallery/glass artist studio.
Hoobs thrives on being able to bring pieces of our world or fantasy to life in glass.

More about Hoobs:

Instagram: @hoobsglass
Official Homepage:

The Work of Hoobs:


Robertson Portrait

Matt Robertson

Matt Robertson is a Canadian born artist. He spent many years working in different mediums before discovering glass blowing while attending Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario in 2003. Matt completed Sheridan’s Craft and Design Glass program where he learned techniques in both soft (soda lime) and hard glass (borosilicate) from established international artists. Matt has been living and breathing glass ever since.

Matt Robertson now resides in Evergreen Co. His focus is on creating objects of art that bring people joy and laughter.

More about Matt Robertson:

Instagram: @MattRobertson.GlassArtist
Official Homepage:

The Work of Matt Robertson:


Collab Hoobs & Matt; Photo: © by Gallerista Glass

Collab between Matt and Hoobs

Matt and Hoobs already teamed up to create some outstanding artwork. Check out their latest collab:


JAG portrait

Nathan Purcell aka JAG

Nathan Purcell, aka JAG has been blowing glass since 1998. His unique style and aesthetics were developed while living and working in his hometown, Philadelphia.

After opening Philadelphia Glassworks, JAG was a co-owner of the high end glass pipe gallery Easy Street Brooklyn and co-published both Smoked Volume 1 and Smoked Volume 2. In 2013 JAG’s interest in design continued to grow while exploring Europe. Upon his return he focused on translating his aesthetics into additional mediums through collaboration and street art installation.

In 2014 he opened up his second glass gallery, JustAnotherGallery, in downtown San Diego where he currently resides and blows glass.


More about JAG:

Instagram: @justanotherglassblower


The work of JAG:




kollar portrait

Additional Guest: Stefan Kollar

Like in 2015 we are happy to announce that Stefan Kollar is supporting this year’s ROOR collab again. More about him on Instagram: @stefan_kollar