Collab 09/2015

Flying Goddess und Fire Flying

A very special Collab came to an end. From mid September til beginning October 2015, three of the best glassblowers in the world had been our guests at the ROOR headquarter in Frankenthal, Germany: Korey Cotnam, Nish Jajal and Patrick Stratis.

Together with Martin Birzle, the founder of ROOR, and three others of ROOR’s glassblowers (Marc, Sophia und Nils) extraordinary pieces have been manufactured together with the Canadians. All their combined craftsmanship and creativity created unique works of art.

For example the »Flying Goddess« and the »Fire Flying« displayed above – both a homage to the design classic »Flying« (here available in the online shop) created 25 years ago by Martin Birzle. Martin is absolutely stunned how the next generation of glassblowers lend a new, modern touch to his model, and subject it to their own individual esthetics. Brief: an incredibly inspiring time for all of us.

In the following, we would like to allow you to look behind the scenes and proudly present you the result of our work in Frankenthal.

Cultiva in Vienna marked the worthy conclusion of this unique Collab.

You asked them anything

Nish, Patrick, Korey and Martin answer your questions: »So how many Tips does Breal use in a week?« 😉

Cultiva Shoutout

Bye bye Frankenthal, hello Vienna! The evening preceding the departure for the Cultiva 2015 …